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Apr 21, 2023

I’ll be traveling to Europe in a few days for a 10 day art retreat in the Perigord/Dordogne region of France. While I’m not certain yet how our days will be spent, I understand that there will be some studio time each day along with day trips to local destinations; quaint villages, crumbling castles and, I dearly hope, cave paintings. I’m still unhappy with not having more detail about what to expect less that a week out , but I am doing my best to roll with it.

Leçon apprise et bonne chance à moi.

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Based on my best guesses, and after watching several other artist’s videos on the subject, I’ve put together two travel kits for capturing my experiences; one very tiny for short excursions and a larger one for where ever it makes sense to have more tools available.

I hope I will remember to use them and not get too distracted with pastries, wine and cheese!

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A couple readers have asked about the colorsheets and graphite pans. Here are links: colorsheets, graphite pans