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Mar 23, 2023

Last week I mentioned a change that I will be making here on Studio Sketchbook. Up to now, all my posts have been available for free to all subscribers. Going forward, I will post videos twice a month for paid subscribers only. These will be 15 to 30 minute instructional videos on various drawing and painting techniques. They will be suitable for those of you who currently have an art-making practice as well as for you who may just be art-curious and want to see how the magic is made. Your paid subscription will get you 30 to 60 minutes of “how-to” with me each month. I will continue to post as I have been for free subscribers as well.

  • I will show you how to use specific methods of drawing I use to invite the elusive Flow State into your day (yes! you can actually make it happen when you want to!).

  • I’ll demonstrate how to use mark making to find your own personal visual language.

  • We will explore what I believe to be a universal language of imagery and how we can use that to better understand situations, people, and emotions that we sometimes can’t quite put into words.

Future videos will include some painting techniques I use and whatever else strikes my fancy at the time.

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I’d love for you to join me and be able to connect with you in these practices, and do hope you will consider a paid subscription. Thank you so much for coming along and cheering me on this journey. See you soon!

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