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I always think I am the only one who worries like this, then I read or hear something like this and am reminded that I am not alone. Sending you peace.

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A formidable go to list. Breathing, of course, is essential. A nice, waltz-timed, meditative breathing routine for me. A cuppa is also great...even better with a titch of Irish cream whiskey. Music is a must although most of what I listen to cannot be construed as soothing.

Adding to your list:a curl up with a good book you know you will get lost in(either of the Alice's or To Kill A Mockingbird for me, depending upon my mood), and a dance party for one(thus the lack of soothing in my music) starting with anything from Motown if I want to be nostalgic, or The Killers(hello Mr Brightside)if I need a little head banging.

PS...you can always send an IM to a trusting friend and vent to your hearts content(wink).

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